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  • How Ford’s Lane Keeping System Helps Drivers

    Driver fatigue puts thousands of Canadians at risk day after day on roads across the country. People are driving drowsy without enough sleep, and they simply don’t have the same response time as a person who is alert. Transport Canada estimates that 20% of the fatal collisions on our roads are due to driver fatigue in one way or another.  State-Of-The-Art Lane-Keeping System Ford has addressed this problem by integrating a lane-keeping system into its newer vehicles. It is programmed to notify the driver if the vehicle drifts from the lane. If a car, truck or SUV starts to sway too close to the line markers, the steering wheel will begin to vibrate. The simulated feeling of driving on a rumble strip instantly alerts the driver. This lane-keeping tool also gives a short torque to the steering wheel to help guide the vehicle back into the centre of the lane. The lane-keeping system works with a driver alert system that identifies markings on the lanes through a camera that is mounted on the dashboard. It can also detect any roadwork and determines optimal vehicle positioning based on the data in the system. Warnings are issued in two phases if the system detects any unintentional swaying between lanes. The alert system provides two alerts to the driver. The first one consists of a chiming noise along with orange text that appears on the dashboard. If further inattentiveness is detected, a dashboard warning displays in red, which appears as a coffee cup icon. This can be toggled off manually. If all warnings are disregarded, the system must be reset by bringing the vehicle to a full stop and then opening the driver’s door. This indicates that the driver is now taking a break from driving or that a new driver will be stepping in to take his ... continue

  • Whiteoak Ford’s Top 3 Winter Driving Tips

    Being prepared for all conditions during winter driving is the key to being safe behind the wheel. In order to stay safe this winter, your local Ford dealer Mississauga Whiteoak Ford brings you 3 important driving tips that can help you stay safe on the roads this winter: Install Winter Tires If you haven’t replaced your all-season tires with winter ones, it’s not too late to do so. Winter tires should be installed when the temperature outside dips below 7°C. They contain compounds that keep them supple and soft in cold weather, which allows them to grip snow and ice to give you the traction you need. The tread patterns are specially designed with sipes, small slits that reduce snow build-up for optimal performance. If you haven’t used winter tires before, you’ll be amazed at the difference they make in your winter driving and how much more control you’ll have at the wheel. Keep Your Gas Tank At Least Half Full You never know when you’re going to be stuck in traffic for long periods of time in the winter. Luckily, your Ford vehicle is fuel efficient, but you certainly won’t want to be stuck anywhere without gas, especially in frigid temperatures. Check Your Windshield Washer Fluid Regularly If you’re driving on a daily basis, it’s easy to use up a lot of washer fluid in the winter. Don’t wait until you run out of this fluid before topping it up. When the next big truck passes by and splashes your car, you’ll need to be fully prepared to clear your windshield. To find out more about winter driving and getting your car serviced for the months ahead please contact your local Ford dealer in Mississauga, Whiteoak Ford. Call us to book your winter safety package: 1-888-378-5125. continue

  • Stay Safe with Ford Driver Assistive Technologies

    We could all use a little bit of stress-relief during those long traffic-filled commutes. Luckily, Ford has developed assistive driving technologies for an added element of safety when navigating busy roads. The semi-autonomous features like accident avoidance, adaptive cruise control, and stop-and-go technologies provide convenient backup for drivers. New Ford models have available assistive technology features. Come in to Whiteoak Ford, your local Ford dealer in Mississauga, to test these features for yourself! During your test drive, you can try out technologies like: Active Park Assist This feature can help you parallel park like a pro. When activated, and once you shift your car into reverse, a series of sophisticated sensors analyze the space. You simply take your hands off of the steering wheel, and with control of the accelerator and brakes, the park assist technology guides your vehicle into the parallel parking space autonomously. Adaptive Cruise Control This semi-autonomous feature is useful when stuck in stop and go traffic. Using advanced camera and radar detection, this feature activates the accelerator and brakes by itself. The sensor detection ensures your vehicle stays at a safe following distance, and the brakes are applied gradually once traffic comes to a halt. Lane Departure Warning (Lane Keeping System) Using a camera mounted behind your rear view mirror, this feature detects lane markings, and can alert/aid the driver if you begin to drift too far to either side of the lane. Safety is paramount when driving, so these technologies, and the many other available tech features of new Ford vehicles, bring safety to a new level. When you are ready to make the switch to Ford, or are looking to upgrade your current Ford vehicle, visit us at Whiteoak Ford, your Ford dealer in Mississauga. Our knowledgeable staff will get you on the road ... continue

  • What is the Best Time to Get a Whiteoak Winter Safety Package?

    Winter can bring treacherous driving conditions. That’s why it’s important to get your vehicle properly prepared for the impending winter weather. Safety is the number one priority when driving, so to make sure you are following the best practices for winter maintenance. Bring your Ford into your local Ford Dealer in Mississauga– Whiteoak Ford. Our winter safety package will winterize your vehicle, so you can drive with confidence in all winter conditions. The best time to get your winter safety package is now! The Whiteoak Ford winter safety package consists of 4 winter tires, tire pressure sensors, and winter rims- with your choice of steel or aluminum. Having the proper tires is integral for winterizing your vehicle. Sufficient traction on the road is essential for safe winter driving. Winter tires are different than all-season tires because of the rubber compounds they are made from. The rubber compounds in winter tires better retain their elasticity, meaning they will keep better traction on the road surface in cold conditions. It’s also important to remember that winter tires aren’t just for when the snow falls. All-season tires lose traction when the temperature reaches 70  Celsius. Tire pressure sensors continuously monitor your tire’s inflation levels and will alert you if your tire pressure becomes too low. Tire pressure is an important factor in maintaining optimal vehicle performance in the winter, and for every 50  temperature-drop, your tires lose inflation. Whiteoak Ford, your local Ford dealer in Mississauga, is here to serve you. If you would like to get maximum performance out of your Ford vehicle during the cold fall and winter months, book your winter safety package today. Call us at 888-378-5125 or fill out our online form here. continue