Remote Car Starter - The Summer Hack You Need

Summer is finally here and with it comes humidity, sticky leather seats and burning hot steering wheels that you can only touch with two fingers. While we all love the season - it's funny how we forget about the smelly sweatier side of summer. Nothing verifies summer being here like getting into a parked car that has been sitting out in the hot sun for hours. The wave of heat that hits you as soon as you open the door, is like jumping into an oven. We have the summer hack that you need to know to cool down your car ahead of time. A Remote Car Starter! 

Cooling Down with a Remote Car Starter

These accessories are typically only used for winter - but that's the beauty of them, they can be used for summer. In extreme heat and direct sunlight, your vehicle's inside temperature can become 20° hotter than outside. No one wants to drive in a pressure cooker. With this simple two-step trick, you can enjoy a cool refreshing vehicle for your travels. When exiting your vehicle, move through the same steps you would in the winter by;

        1. Turning the airflow up to the preferred level (Low, Medium or High)
        2. Select the temperature that you enjoy
        3. Enjoy!

Remember, instead of preselecting heat like you would on a cold winter day select the AC option. Voila! Now your vehicle is set up and ready to blast cool refreshing air on a scorching hot summers day. 

Person on their cellular device navigating through the Ford Pass app

Factory Remote Car Starter

Looking for a Remote Car Starter? There is a wide selection available through our Ford accessory page.  They list out all the available accessories for all makes and models of Ford vehicles. Trusted and genuine Remote Car Starters from Ford let you start the engine when the door is locked either through the key fob or app depending on what make and model you have. Not to mention you have the ability to jumpstart other powered accessories, including the air conditioner, heated seats, and steering wheel.

Find the Best Remote Car Starter Online

Looking for a Remote Starter but not sure where to start - our trustworthy service advisors can help you answer any and all questions you might have.

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