A Quick Tour of Apple CarPlay on Ford SYNC®

As part of the advanced SYNC® 3 infotainment system, you have the option of using the incredibly intuitive Apple CarPlay interface to access some of your favourite iOS apps on your Ford's touchscreen display. If you've got an iPhone (or an iPad, but that would just look ridiculous), take a look at our in-house guide for how to use Apple CarPlay on your Ford's SYNC® 3 system.

How To Set-Up Apple CarPlay

It's honestly as simple as you think:

  1. Connect a Lightning to USB cable into the USB port with your iPhone connected
  2. The first time you connect your phone, a message will appear on your touchscreen prompting you to continue with some SYNC services being replaced by Apple CarPlay features. From there, click Continue
  3. A Privacy & Terms of Use disclaimer will follow. Click Agree once you've completed reading them.
  4. You're finished! From there, the CarPlay interface will appear. Every time you plug your iPhone into the lightning cable connected to your USB port, the CarPlay interface will pop up automatically.

Navigating the Home Screen

Once you've plugged your iPhone into the system, you'll immediately be taken to the home screen of the Apple carPlay interface. From there you have a wide range of iOS apps to use, both those native to the device and third-party App Store apps. While driving, you can access all of these apps at just the touch of a button by activating Siri voice commands.

The Essentials:

  • Phone: Instantly make calls from your contact list, or dial a number. You can even check your voicemail!
  • Music: Browse your entire music library, both from your phone and from Apple Music.
  • Maps: Access the Apple Maps app to give you directions.
  • Messages: The safest way to check and respond to your messages is thanks to Siri-integrated voice commands.
  • Now Playing: See what media is playing on your system.
  • Podcasts: Access all of your favourite podcasts from your phone.
  • Audiobooks: Make the journey worth travelling with your audiobook library within arm's reach.

We Recommend:

  • Google Maps: The golden standard for map apps, Google Maps gives you Google's entire map database with the user-friendly interface of its Apple CarPlay app.
  • Waze: For all the latest traffic updates while on the road, download Waze's companion app for the Apple CarPlay system.
  • WhatsApp: If you have friends on the Android Auto side of the spectrum, WhatsApp is a great alternative for messaging your contacts.
  • Spotify: Non-Apple Music users can rest easy knowing there's an Apple CarPlay app for Spotify as well.

Come to Whiteoak Ford today and try out Apple CarPlay for yourself by test driving any one of our latest Ford vehicles!

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