Add these accessories to your Ford F-150!

By itself, the F-150 is more than an excellent truck. But to really make the most out of your driving experience, it doesn't hurt to add a couple of additional features. Luckily, you can order any official Ford part or accessory from us here at Whiteoak Ford! If you're looking to get the most out of your Ford F-150, consider adding these must-have accessories.

Exhaust Tip

Exterior view of a new exhaust pipe installed onto the Ford F-150

No detail is too small to make your F-150 your own, and adding a chrome exhaust tip definitely helps to put a touch of class to your Ford pickup. Made from heavy-duty, corrosion-resistant stainless steel, all you have to do is slip it on your existing tailpipe and you get a shiny detail that's guaranteed to help your F-150 stand out from others on the road.

Splash Guards

Sometimes it's hard to protect your truck from the elements, especially when it comes to snow or mud. With a pair of splash guards on your F-150, you can protect your truck from flying debris that could scratch the paint job, as well as dirt and grime from damaging internal components in the undercarriage. Ford has a wide variety of splash guards to choose, ranging from heavy-duty carbon fibre and metal to regular rubber and plastic.

Bed Cover

Another great way to protect your truck from the elements is with a truck bed cover. If you tend to store a lot of your items in the truck bed, consider getting a cover for both protection and security. Not only do they keep your belongings safe from the elements, but they also keep them out of sight from potential car thieves.


Ford F-150 Accessories

For whenever the unexpected happens, having a dashcam often comes in handy. This dashcam records your entire trip in full 1080p HD, and captures a full 140-degree viewing angle. The camera kit also comes with an 8GB micro SD card you can easily take out and upload to your computer.

Interested in adding these to your F-150? Contact our parts department and order yours, today!

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